Our Objective

Earth Tec’s Environmental Consulting & Services, Inc. offers specialized services to the petroleum industry that includes environmental compliance and consulting services. 

The company’s objective is to further our cause, which is, to first and foremost protect the environment in which we live. How will we do this you ask? We believe that if we build an environmental consulting and services company that educates our owner/operators, and provide them with the resources they need with an emphasis on protection before costs; we can make a difference simply by our approach. We want nothing more than to provide a clean and safe environment for our kids and by using a practical approach we can achieve the stewardship that we believe will protect the earth for future generations to come.

Our Goal

  • Educating our owner/operators.
  • Decreasing the potential risks to the environment by being more pro-active than re-active.
  • Build customer loyalty through our beliefs and services that meet the client’s needs while still protecting the environment.

Earth Tec’s goal is to protect our future by providing the best service to the communities that we serve. We will add value by implementing change that will decrease the potential risk to the environment by being more pro-active than re-active for our clients to enhance the oil industry as a whole. Earth Tec’s will utilize our expert staff along with professional relationships that have been formed over the past three decades to ensure that we find a solution that will not only keep our clients “In Compliance” with federal and state regulations but one that will assist the owner/operators to make their business flourish by keeping our environment safe. We believe in advocating for what the earth can’t; sustainability, clean water, and an environment where our kids will thrive!

Our Mission

Earth Tec’s Environmental Consulting & Services, Inc. mission statement is “The future of tomorrow lies in the hands of today! 

Our Team

O’Deana Wilson, CEO of Earth Tec’s leverages her 34 years in the petroleum storage tank industry where O’Deana has worked in the field as: 

  • Facility Operator – for single, mid-range and large retail convenience stores
  • Maintenance Supervisor – for major oil company
  • Environmental Specialist – for a large retailer  
  • Regulator (Technical Specialist) –  for the State of Colorado – Division of Oil & Public Safety  

O’Deana’s skill set specializes in UST & AST regulatory requirements, system operations, trouble shooting, training, system designs, tracking and providing regulatory expertise to the regulated community.  She holds certification as an OPS Certified A/B Operator.

Earth Tec’s, will utilize a creative and innovative approach to assisting our customers at every level with compliance, maintenance and the troubleshooting of systems.

Join us in making the world a better place for the children of tomorrow.

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